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Naturally Relieve your neck and shoulder pain

Our natural approach helps you eliminate pain, relieve tension, and find better range of motion. 

Our therapy works for all types of neck and shoulder issues including:

*acute or chronic neck pain                            *limited range of motion

*frozen shoulder                                                 *pinched nerves

*shoulder impingement                                   *bulging cervical discs

*thoracic outlet syndrome                               *tingling in neck, arms, shoulders

Our therapy helps eliminate pain naturally 

Treatment helps your body make its own natural painkillers and anti-inflammatory substances. 

We address the contributing factors and root cause

We look at all the factors that may be causing or contributing to the tension or pain. 

We keep it simple

Treatment will create the micro-circulation that body needs to heal itself and the tissues affected. 

Our treatment is non invasive with no recovery time

We use a natural therapy that is proven to reduce and climate neck or shoulder pain without more drugs, surgery or complicated recovery time. 

Here's how we help you overcome your neck or shoulder pain.

Assess the root cause

We will assess the contributing factors and the root cause of your pain

Map out treatment plan

We will come up with a clear, concise, and focused treatment plan to address the root cause, manage current symptoms, and relieve associated stress.


We'll do weekly acupuncture sessions targeted at stimulating your body to heal the affected tissues causing the pain.


We will combine cupping with acupuncture treatment to create even more circulation into the areas of tension and or pain.

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Our goal is help you find relief and our process for achieving that is very simple and straightforward. Acupuncture is extremely safe and relaxing but highly effective in stimulating your body's natural resources to heal. Our goal is always to get results as quickly as possible while ensuring lasting relief. We'll help you understand what to expect and ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the process. 

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