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Spring Forward

In Chinese medicine, the spring season relates to the wood element. The energy of spring resembles the expansive nature of a sprout pushing up and out of the soil towards the light. The energy of the wood element helps us renew our inner purpose and move forward in our lives. We need to be flexible, yet rooted in ourselves as we make decisions and carry forth plans. Spring is the transition from winter-the most yin, still time of the year-to summer-the most yang, active time of the year. It is a time for renewal, regeneration, growth, and movement.

The organs related to the spring season are the liver and the gall bladder. The liver, in particular, is responsible for healthy energy flow throughout the body. Both of these organs are easily affected by congestion of any kind. Congestion can be caused or made worse due to poor food choices, stress, or lack of exercise. Do you get shoulder and neck tension? Do you get headaches or have TMJ-Temporomandibular joint dysfunction? Do you find yourself easily frustrated or irritable? Are you constantly managing tendonitis, hip pain, or shoulder pain? These are all indications that the liver is congested and cannot manage the inflammation in the body.

Keep your liver and gall bladder in harmony this spring with these simple guidelines:

  • Drink warm lemon water to help the liver cleanse gently on a daily basis

  • For a congested liver try roasted dandelion root tea

  • Do you have nagging seasonal allergies? incorporate a daily dose of stinging nettle leaf tea

  • Eat sprouts, clover, alfalfa, or mung bean sprouts

  • Choose baby greens particularly dandelion greens, more salads in general

  • Include cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower

  • Cook at lower temperatures and for shorter durations. Incorporate more raw foods in your diet.

  • Consider replacing your coffee with early morning walks, and definitely avoid the artificial creamer

  • Avoid tendonitis caused by repetitive movement, make sure your exercise program is varied and includes stretching or mobility exercises

  • Stretch/ expand your body to bring more blood flow into tendons and joints to avoid tendonitis

  • Do you get shoulder or neck tension? It may be time for acupuncture or cupping.

* Move your body on a regular basis with exercise

Renew your habits this spring to create more health and vitality going forward.

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