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Chinese Medicine offers a solution for Endocrine Issues

I practice Acupuncture. However, most of the public does not realize Acupuncture is only a fraction of my training. Three fourths of my education was in internal medicine and understanding disease pathology.

In particular, I have recently invested a great deal into to refining the essence of Chinese medicine and it’s role to better understand endocrinological issues. Chinese medicine provides the a comprehensive and holistic view when it comes to disease pathology. In addition to being the most ancient, it is the most evolved perspective on preventative and wellness care. The five-element theory unique to Chinese medicine gives explanation to the pathology of many complex endocrine diseases that are difficult to treat. I’m fascinated by the root cause and the contributing factors of endocrinological diseases. I work with patients who are given a pill to fit their diagnosis, but without the education they never fully understand the disease or how it surfaced due to a long-standing imbalance. The five-element theory of Chinese Medicine explains the functional relationship between the body’s complex hormonal system, organs, and overall function in a way that provides simple insight into the dynamics of internal medicine. This insight allows a practitioner to form a highly focused treatment. My passion is to teach and help people understand the dynamic relationships between the five elements in order to unravel the source of their dis-ease.

Take for example thyroid conditions. Often people don’t look at their lifestyle until something goes wrong— when the body can’t keep running as if things are “normal.” Pretty soon, a person gets a thyroid diagnosis, either hyper, hypo, or autoimmune. However, the thyroid is not the true culprit. Instead, it is the result of an chronic imbalance between the organ systems extending to the endocrine system. Often there is a constitutional factor, which is the general level of health someone is born with, coupled with lifestyle choices that may cause a larger deficit or imbalance thus pushing the body further into a state of disease. The body innately has the intelligence to heal and repair, and an inherent impulse to live in a state of health. It is when dynamics have been out of balance for so long the body has exhausted its resources to make up for the imbalance and cannot make up for the depletion any longer that symptoms start to appear.

Once the thyroid is diagnosed, typically there will be a prescription for thyroid medication, which will bring the thyroid back into functional balance. However, there are no lifestyle considerations made, no imbalances addressed, no true problem addressed.

This is where Chinese Medicine and its five-element theory excels in extrapolating the root cause and pinpointing the imbalance that led to the thyroid issue. The thyroid condition would be diagnosed via the five elements and their corresponding organ systems. Typically, it is not one organ but rather the functional relationship between three organs. By prescribing the right supplements, herbal formulas, dietary guidelines, and lifestyle suggestions, we can address the pathology. By giving the body what it needs to rectify the situation, we give it the resources to be able to manage the deficit.

Treating the root pathology when it comes to any endocrine, autoimmune or stress-related disease with the five element functional medicine is my greatest interest and pursuit right now. Besides Acupuncture being great to treat pain, someone looking to better understand and heal their diagnosis should use Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as a whole medicine to address their internal endocrine issues, autoimmune disease or hormonal imbalances. One doesn’t need a diagnosis in order to benefit from treatment and better understand their health. In fact, use Chinese medicine now to prevent issues before there is a problem to resolve. I offer free consultations for anyone interested in how Chinese medicine could benefit them and their wellness.

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