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Personal Prenatal Care

A mother’s wellbeing is central to the health and future of her unborn children. That is precisely how Rose Burke and Soleiana approached Rose’s recent pregnancy.

“I felt empowered by Soleiana to be at the center of my treatment solutions, listening to my body and handling the details of healing from within,” Rose reflected just days before her healthy twin boys entered the world. “She answered questions, provided excellent information and researched solutions all on my behalf.”

Rose was familiar with the efficacy of acupuncture prior to this pregnancy. She had been amazed at the impact of regular acupuncture and herbal supplements on her energy levels, mood, and “I believe ultimately the ease of getting pregnant.”

Rose speaks about acupuncture as a well-informed patient who has done extensive research on the treatment option. She says it was an easy decision, therefore, to increase her visits to Soleiana at Wind River Acupuncture Clinic during her pregnancy.

“Upon getting pregnant I was excited to ramp up my acupuncture and herbal treatments, especially during the first trimester in order to support the pregnancy and my body by lowering stress, increasing circulation and energy,” Rose said, adding, each of these benefits also decreased the likelihood of a miscarriage.

As an inquisitive, intelligent mother-to-be, Rose found Soleiana’s approach to be particularly powerful. Soleiana is a health provider and an educator, so she helped Rose understand her decisions and recommendations with each visit.

“This is a huge strength of Soleiana’s. She explains treatments and answers questions clearly,” Rose raved. This is part of why Rose would recommend Soleiana as a Chinese medicine practitioner for pregnancy and any other condition.

Rose noted that acupuncture is an excellent way to get tailored, natural treatment on a regular basis, in this case for pregnancy since it can be an uncomfortable, stressful period of change in a woman’s life.

“In the first trimester, acupuncture can support your rapidly changing body, balance all of the hormonal changes, and relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms that often come with early pregnancy,” Rose explained, based on her personal experience and careful research. “Later in pregnancy, acupuncture can provide relaxation and space and time to connect your body and baby.”

She added that a significant benefit of this holistic approach to a mothers’ health is learning and understanding, emphatically praising Soleiana for her educational approach.

“Acupuncturists are often looking at full body systems,” Rose concluded, which is a most helpful way to approach bringing a new life (or lives) into the world.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help address fertility issues, recurrent miscarriages, discomfort associated with pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. If you are curious if treatment can help you, schedule a free consult today. Contact Soleiana at 307-332-1344 or

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