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Plantar Fasciitis Doesn’t Have to Keep You Up at Night

“Plantar fasciitis” is one of those terms that makes people cringe. Those of us who have experienced it know how painful it is and, worse, how resistant it can be to treatments.

I started to experience symptoms about a year ago, and I stayed firmly planted in denial until the pain started keeping me up at night. I finally went to Soleiana for help. When I explained what I was experiencing, she responded, “That sounds traumatic.” I thought to myself that it was kind of her to be sympathetic but it wasn’t that bad.

But after that first visit, I realized the implications of pain at my foundation didn’t stop at my ankle. I was reminded of it with every step and couldn’t forget about it when I was still. The stressful thoughts just circled: What had I done to cause this injury? Why wasn’t it getting better? Was I facing the possibility of giving up running and hiking?

This is why I turn to acupuncture for pain and injuries: it is a holistic treatment. A handful of needles in my calves and feet, a couple in my shoulder and ears, and I was sleeping through the night again, mentally calm and physically symptom-free.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as “a handful of needles,” so I asked Soleiana to explain to me how she was able to get these results, and she explained it so well I’ll just use her words here:

“The human body is made to move. However, repetitive stress can start to wear on ligaments and tendons. Unlike muscle, the tendon and ligaments don't have the vast supply of blood to nourish and regenerate the wear and tear they endure. The lack of blood flow is why tendons and ligaments are susceptible to injury from overuse and also why they benefit from acupuncture. There are many acupuncture points along the calf, Achilles tendon, and ligaments around the ankle. Acupuncture needles at these points create the mirco-circulation into the area that helps the tissues regenerate from the blood flow. The body’s ability to heal is a force to be utilized, and this is what acupuncture does best: It helps promote circulation for your body to regenerate and heal.”

I recently re-aggravated my plantar fasciitis, and I returned to Soleiana for treatment. Like so many ailments, it had snuck back in slowly, and I didn’t realize how severe it had become until I left her office. Once again, acupuncture opened my eyes: my feet had become like twisted, dry old roots over the preceding weeks, and when I walked out the door I could feel them again: flesh and bones and ligaments moving to support my every move. I could feel my shoes and the ground beneath me. It was only right then, that I slept like a log that night.

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