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Do you have neck pain? Get relief now.

What starts off as tight stiff neck can turn into chronic severe pain, diminishing the quality of your life. Chronic pain can take it’s toll on the body and mind, interfering with the ability to perform everyday tasks. Managing pain can feel overwhelming and taking over-the-counter pain killers is not a long-term solution.

People with chronic or acute neck and shoulder pain often get frustrated with pain that doesn’t seem to go away with rest or medication. Furthermore, people with acute or chronic neck and shoulder pain often have to deal with things like:

-mild to moderate irritability which affects their family and social life

-feeling overwhelmed with stress around performing their daily tasks at home and work

-being distracted by pain and unable to focus

-loss of patience with kids and others

Over the last several years as a practitioner of Acupuncture, I can tell you with absolute confidence there’s an alternative, EFFECTIVE way to manage neck pain.

Using the natural methods, it is possible to manage pain, have more energy, and to withstand every day stress targeting the root of your pain.

I know it’s possible to resolve pain with acupuncture and cupping, so you can live the life you want and be pain free.

More often than not, pain is a signal that something is wrong or out of balance and is your body’s way of communicating the problem.

For example, when people feel neck or shoulder pain they also tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Stress can cause tension and pain in the body. When your body is tense and stressed, it doesn’t have the energy to heal and repair.

One of the most common issues with pain is that it keeps the body in an inflammatory state rather than in healing and repair mode. The body needs the right help to reduce the pain and inflammation. Acupuncture and cupping allow the body to heal by encouraging microcirculation into the local tissue and stimulating the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killing chemicals. Once this first step is taken, the body has the energy to both heal and manage stress.

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