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Cupping Therapy


Valerie Sauer has had a great deal of pain in her life. She knows pain. More recently, acupuncture has become a key treatment, and now she knows relief.

Valerie spent almost a decade working in a fiberglass plant, and the effects have been long-lasting, extensive, and at times confusing. Because she is chemically sensitive, Valerie can’t take the sorts of Western medications so many of us take for granted. Because of acupuncture, cupping, and massage, she doesn’t need to.

“I had shoulder surgery, and I never took a pain pill. I never had any problems,” Valerie said. “Because I went to Soleiana the day before I was operated on and from then on every week for a while.”

Before that, it was her back, which she described as feeling like it was breaking and left her unable to lift anything. With cupping and acupuncture on a regular bi-weekly schedule, she has found lasting relief.

“I haven’t had any pain at all for quite a while there,” Valerie reflected.

Then there was her hip. Afraid she’d have to have a hip replacement and anxious about the effects of surgery and the pain of the procedure, she first turned to acupuncture for the pain.

“I think it only took three treatments and it doesn’t bother me at all now. Now that’s all gone.”

The other shoulder. She couldn’t sleep on it for over a year. Until she mentioned to Soleiana that it was causing her grief.

“Now I can sleep on that side and everything.”

Valerie discovered the efficacy and logic of acupuncture years ago when she found herself suffering from sciatic nerve pain so bad she couldn’t walk—while stranded on a cruise.

“I was desperate,” she said. She’d already tried “everything in the world,” so she decided to add acupuncture to the list. After three days of treatments, she was entirely pain free, and she’s never had sciatic pain again.

Sinus infections, the remnants of carotid artery disease, urinary tract infections, headaches, stress. In Valerie’s words, she has a lot of issues. She brings them all to the table for her acupuncture appointments. She’s still in wonder that they are all remedied with this form of treatment.

“It’s very effective. Very relaxing. I have a lot more energy and I feel physically better after a treatment,” she reflected.

Most of all, her pain is no longer debilitating, it’s tolerable …

In fact, “Sometimes I don’t have any pain,” Val smiled. -Written by Casey Adams

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