Spring Forward

In Chinese medicine, the spring season relates to the wood element. The energy of spring resembles the expansive nature of a sprout pushing up and out of the soil towards the light. The energy of the wood element helps us renew our inner purpose and move forward in our lives. We need to be flexible, yet rooted in ourselves as we make decisions and carry forth plans. Spring is the transition from winter-the most yin, still time of the year-to summer-the most yang, active time of the year. It is a time for renewal, regeneration, growth, and movement. The organs related to the spring season are the liver and the gall bladder. The liver, in particular, is responsible for healthy energy flow thr

Chinese Medicine offers a solution for Endocrine Issues

I practice Acupuncture. However, most of the public does not realize Acupuncture is only a fraction of my training. Three fourths of my education was in internal medicine and understanding disease pathology. In particular, I have recently invested a great deal into to refining the essence of Chinese medicine and it’s role to better understand endocrinological issues. Chinese medicine provides the a comprehensive and holistic view when it comes to disease pathology. In addition to being the most ancient, it is the most evolved perspective on preventative and wellness care. The five-element theory unique to Chinese medicine gives explanation to the pathology of many complex endocrine diseases

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