Be Well this Fall

BE WELL THIS FALL In Chinese Medicine, the season of fall relates to the Metal element, metal defines what we value in life, where we find inspiration and our ability to let go. This time of year represents the end of the growth cycle, a time when plants have reached their full zenith of color before they compost back to the earth. With fall we are breathing in the inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us, exhaling as the leaves drop and the energy of the earth contracts inward in preparation for winter. The organ systems related to the Metal element and the fall season are the lungs and the large intestine. Both of these organs are easily affected by the dryness of fall. Dryness affect

Cupping Therapy

Valerie Sauer has had a great deal of pain in her life. She knows pain. More recently, acupuncture has become a key treatment, and now she knows relief. Valerie spent almost a decade working in a fiberglass plant, and the effects have been long-lasting, extensive, and at times confusing. Because she is chemically sensitive, Valerie can’t take the sorts of Western medications so many of us take for granted. Because of acupuncture, cupping, and massage, she doesn’t need to. “I had shoulder surgery, and I never took a pain pill. I never had any problems,” Valerie said. “Because I went to Soleiana the day before I was operated on and from then on every week for a while.” Before that, it was her

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